• A Digital Product Ventures Company in Shoreditch, UK

  • About us

    Ophin is a company betting on Software-saving-the-world. We will invest in, incubate and mentor high potential startup companies. Additionally, we build our own disruptive products to launch to market. For this we recruit only the best engineering talent.


    Some of our Beliefs:

    • With amazing people, you can do amazing things

    • Being small, nimble & focused, is the way to disrupt incumbents

    • Be different: You cannot do the same things over & over expecting different results

    • A 'product' need not be complicated, expensive and over-engineered. It simply needs to be built with real people in mind

    • Whatever you are doing, you should believe in it and be having fun along the journey ...

    Except for our own investments, Ophin offers executive consulting to companies on a very select basis.

  • Portfolio of Investments

    Some of the cool companies and products we built or invested in

    Magic Pony Technology

    Angel investment in a machine learning startup building a neural network platform for compressing and upscaling images and videos. (Acquired by Twitter in June 2016)


    Hadean is the world’s only Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    to infinitely scale algorithms with zero engineering effort


    Angel investment and mentor in the fastest way to find hourly jobs in London http://www.yapjobs.com

    Bloomsbury AI

    Enabling computers to understand human language, so humans don't have to understand computer language. http://www.bloomsbury.ai

    MSTY - My Song To You

    Angel investor, tech and product mentor for the next generation of social messaging. MSTY (My Song To You) is a music messaging app that allows you to communicate with friends by combining the World's greatest songs with your own words and photos.


    Investor and co-creator:  Images and Albums synchronise between friends without using the Internet or Cloud. All media disappears when original friends are not in the same real-world location. HangoverApp - "What happens together, stays together"



    Investor, co-developer:  Watch your baby grow older over time.


    Take one photo a day then create timelapse videos of your child's growth.


    PXI Labs

    PXI built many products,  famously Vinepeek - a fun project which was called the most addictive new site on the internet.


    Investor and Co-creator: A Instagram product placement platform - Coming soon.

    Keyosh DataScience

    Chairman and investor: This development and data science team spans London and South Africa. They specialise in deriving custom data models from user data, and building processing pipelines using Hadoop based infrastructures.


  • Sometimes we help others ...

    Sometimes we help other companies to change for the future, or launch to win. We can't always talk about them, but they span - News, Music, eCommerce, Finance. For a taste ask these companies: Audiotube, The Sandpit, Ocado, News Corporation, ... and many more.